About Vernal Theatre: LIVE!


Vernal Theatre: LIVE is bringing life to small town Utah and opportunities to an entire community. We hope you will come often to discover the wonders of the Arts.


The building we are in is a beautiful, historic building that was constructed in 1947 as a movie theater. We are restoring it bit by bit, keeping the theatre’s original charm while making it a fully functional, year-round performing arts theatre. We have made updates to the sound and lighting equipment, with plans in place to do the ceiling and walls. We have also made renovations to the additional space above the theater, making it the perfect place to store costumes and props.

Vernal needs Vernal Theatre: LIVE to help revitalize downtown Vernal and provide an important boost to the economy. We keep our community members local by giving them a reason to stay in-town. We provide youth opportunities to participate in the Arts and other wholesome activities. We draw in tourism and aid Vernal and the Basin growth in versatility.

Supporting Vernal Theatre: LIVE is to support a revitalization and renewal of downtown Vernal. Supporting this project also shows support of the Arts and the youth of our community in their search for a safe place to be and good activities in which to participate. They need our help. The community needs Vernal Theatre: LIVE to bring us together and give us a place to focus our efforts to bring culture and new opportunities to Vernal. We have already seen this in terms of not only our six-show theatrical season, but also in a rental for performance opportunities for community members and groups coming from outside of Vernal to perform in our space.

We hope you will come often to discover the wonders of the Arts.


The singing, acting and choreography are all top notch. As always, Vernal Theatre: LIVE puts on an amazing show. Every performance is excellent. I love that we have this in our little town.”

“Very entertaining! I would highly recommend it. I plan to see everything they put on. The talent they pull together is amazing! It is easy and convenient to purchase tickets online.”

“Took my grandsons to see the show. I didn’t realize it was their first time seeing a play. They had so much fun! I want to thank Vernal Theatre: LIVE for giving them such a memorable first experience. Well done to ALL the cast and crew.”

“Vernal is in desperate need of a quality performing arts facility. Not only would the performing arts enrich the residents of the area, the activity associated with such a center would help revitalize our downtown area.”

Upcoming and Current Events

Seussical, JR (Musical)
July 28-31
2:00pm & 7:00pm

Footloose (Musical)
September 10-18

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